If you want to find out the latest and most Current Scrap Steel Prices in Canada, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Brampton, Hamilton and many other cities in Canada. If you want to sell scrap Steel today for the best price per pound available in your area, check our lists of scrap yards in your area by clicking the link to the area you live further down the page. Current scrap steel prices per pound paid by local scrap yards in Canada are also shown below, this is very handy information to have when trying to sell scrap steel in Canada.

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Current Scrap Steel Prices Per Pound Canada

Below is a list of scrap metal types including steel that you can sell for top current prices throughout Canada. You should remember that the current prices scrap yards pay for scrap steel and other metals in Canada differs from scrap yard to scrap yard. Also the prices that scrap yards pay for scrap steel can in fact change several times per day, more often they don't, but remember, scrap metal prices being paid by scrap yards are ultimately determined by the true price of steel.

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Scrap Steel Prices Canada

Types of Scrap Metal and Prices Per Pound Canada

As well as scrap steel there are quite a few types of scrap metal you can sell to scrap yards across Canada. The more popular types that scrap yards will buy are:







Stainless Steel


Scrap Cars

Scrap Boats

Areas in Canada we can help you sell scrap metal for top prices per pound.
Get the latest scrap metal prices per pound in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Alberta, British Columbia, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Brampton, Hamilton, Quebec, Surrey, Laval, Halifax, London, Markham, Vaughan, Gatineau, Saskatoon, Longueuil, Kitchener, Burnaby, Windsor, Regina, Richmond, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington, Greater Sudbury, Sherbrooke, Oshawa, Saguenay, Levis, Barrie, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Trois-Rivieres, St Catharines, Guelph, Cambridge, Whitby, Kelowna, Kingston, Ajax, Langley, Saanich, Terrebonne, Milton and St John's.

Types of Scrap Steel and Prices Per Pound Paid in Canada

Scrap Steel Price Chart Canada
Below is a guide to scrap metal prices being paid in Canada, these prices are to be used as a guide only.
Scrap Steel Type Scrap Steel Prices Canada
#2 Steel$175 per ton
Stainless Steel 304$0.40 per pound
Scrap Steel Current Prices Canada
If you are looking for the latest scrap steel prices in Canada you should phone at least 3 local scrap yards so you can compare the prices being paid by them for the type of steel you have. The more scrap yard prices you can compare the more likely you are of selling your scrap steel for a better price per pound. There are many reputable places that you can sell your scrap steel and other metals, places that will offer you the top prices they can every time you visit, based on the actual current prices of scrap steel.
Knowing the exact value of the type of scrap steel you have can be highly beneficial, with this knowledge you can learn how much money a scrap yard makes on the scrap metal that you sell to them, you must always take into consideration the scrap yards costs, ie refining and transporting it are the main costs incurred by a scrap yard when they buy scrap metal from the general public.
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