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Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound Abbotsford

Below is a list of scrap metal types you can sell for top current scrap metal prices in Abbotsford. You should remember that the current prices scrap yards pay for scrap metal in Abbotsford differs from scrap yard to scrap yard. Also the prices that they pay for scrap metal can change several times per day let alone week, more often they don't, but remember, scrap metal prices in Abbotsford being paid by scrap yards are ultimately determined by the true price of metal.

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Scrap Metal Prices Abbotsford

Types of Scrap Metal and Prices Per Pound Abbotsford

There are quite a few types of scrap metal you can sell to scrap yards across Abbotsford. The more popular types that scrap yards will buy are:







Stainless Steel


Scrap Cars

Scrap Boats

Types of Scrap Metal and Prices Per Pound Abbotsford

Scrap Metal Prices Abbotsford Price Chart
Below is a guide to scrap metal prices being paid in Abbotsford, these prices are to be used as a guide only.
Metal Type Scrap Metal Prices Abbotsford
Aluminium Radiators$0.40 per pound
Aluminium Cans$0.55 per pound
Brass (yellow)$1.50 per pound
Brass (red)$1.75 per pound
#2 Steel$175 per ton
Iron$95 per ton
Tin$120 per ton
#1 Copper$2.60 per pound
#2 Copper$2.40 per pound
CI Aluminum wheels$0.60 per pound
Lead$0.45 per pound
Magnesium$0.05 per pound
Stainless Steel 304$0.40 per pound
Electric Motors$0.10 per pound
Alternators$0.25 per pound
Sell Scrap Metal Prices Abbotsford
Here is some information regarding scrap metal, scrap metal prices in Abbotsford and where you can find different types of scrap metal.
Scrap Copper Prices Abbotsford
Scrap Copper is amongst the most popular type of scrap metal bought and sold in Abbotsford, scrap copper is found in electric appliances, old teAbbotsfordion sets, electrical wires, pipes, tubes and many other places around the home and workplace. Scrap copper is currently bought for around $2.50 per pound and is certainly a valuable type of scrap metal.
Scrap Steel and stainless steel Prices Abbotsford
Scrap steel and stainless steel is also a popular type of scrap metal that is bought and sold every day throughout Abbotsford and the rest of the world. Steel is found in many places in Abbotsford including peoples houses and places of work. Stainless steel can be identified using a magnet, the magnet should not stick to the metal.
Scrap Brass Prices Abbotsford
Scrap brass is quite a popular type of scrap metal that people in Abbotsford sell to scrap yards on a daily basis. Scrap brass comes in many forms, yellow brass, bronze brass which has a higher copper content, ornaments, beds, electronic items etc. You should clean your brass before you weigh it in, by clean we mean you should remove all non brass items that could  contaminate the brass such as rubber of wood that may be part of brass ornaments, this will help you get the best price per pound when you sell your scrap brass.
Scrap Lead Prices Abbotsford
Scrap Lead is a popular and quite a valuable metal that is sold to scrap/junk yards across Abbotsford every day. Scrap lead can be found in many places around houses, both inside and out, lead is also used around old windows and many other places. You can sell your scrap lead for around $0.60 per pound and is certainly worth selling.
Scrap Iron Prices Abbotsford
Scrap Iron Prices are often searched for online, that is because iron is a very popular type of scrap metal and is frequently sold as scrap in Abbotsford. You can currently sell scrap iron in Canada for around $130 per nt.
Scrap Lead Acid Battery Prices Abbotsford
Scrap lead acid batteries are a common type of scrap sold to scrap yards, they currently sell for around $0.30 per pound. They are obviously found in cars, motorcycles, trucks etc.
Scrap Aluminum Prices Abbotsford
Scrap aluminium is sold in Abbotsford for top prices per pound on the daily. It is a popular type of scrap metal sold to junk yards across aluminum. The prices you will receive for scrap aluminum vary, for example for aluminum cans you will currently receive around $0.45 per pound and for alloy wheels you will get around $0.70.
Scrap Tin Prices Abbotsford
Scrap tin is currently sold to scrap yards for around $170 per nt. All scrap yards in Abbotsford will buy scrap tin for a competitive price per pound.
Scrap Car Prices Abbotsford
When it comes to selling an old or unwanted car in Abbotsford as scrap you really should shop around for the best price as the prices offered for scrap cars when we tried 10 scrap car buyers differed immensely. Click the area you live above to view scrap car buyers in Abbotsford. As we previously mentioned you really should shop around, we recommend you get as many quotes from companies close to you. Many companies will collect your car and still pay you, many will remove the car for free and not pay you anything because they had to do so.

Scrap Metal Current Prices Abbotsford
If you are looking for the latest and most current scrap metal prices in Abbotsford you should phone at least 3 scrap yards in Abbotsford if you can, so you can compare the prices being paid by them. The more scrap yard prices you can compare the more likely you are of selling your scrap metal for a better price per pound in Abbotsford. There are many reputable places that you can sell your scrap metal, places that will offer you the top prices they can every time you visit, based on the actual current prices of scrap metal of course.
Knowing the exact value of the metals you have can be highly beneficial, with this knowledge you can learn how much money a scrap yard in Abbotsford profits on the scrap metal that you sell to them, you must always take into consideration the scrap yards costs, ie refining and transporting it are the main costs incurred by a scrap yard when they buy scrap metal from the general public.
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Get the latest Scrap Metal Prices From Scrap/Junk Yards in Abbotsford
Use the map below to locate scrap yards in Abbotsford, call as many of them as you can to request their current scrap metal prices and to ask any other questions that you may have.

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Latest Scrap Metal Prices Abbotsford